Do You Need a Divorce Coach?

Ending your marriage may be one of the most time-consuming, detail-driven, draining, and confusing things you ever do.  Your divorce can touch just about every aspect of your life – everything from your health insurance to your son’s 8th birthday party.  Fortunately, getting divorced is something that most of us do only once.  The down-side to this one-time reality is that without prior experience divorcing people often fall into upheaval as they enter the divorce industry’s multi-billion-dollar maze.  In this tangled web husbands and wives find themselves at odds with someone who was once their closest ally.  And the rules of engagement are secret and complex.  Something is wrong with this picture!!

Divorces are like snowflakes, no two are alike.  And because of the unique and multi-faceted nature of each divorce, it can be difficult to get the whole story.  Attorneys are busy, and their focus on legalities often causes them to miss underlying motivations and hidden possibilities.  Psychologists often don’t have the expertise to navigate through the financial intricacies that are a big part of the divorce process.  Family and friends lack the knowledge and objectivity to steer divorcing people in the right direction.  And wading through the information, and misinformation, on the internet can become a full-time job for a divorce novice.  Finally, there is someone to turn to!!  Your Divorce Coach.

Your Divorce Coach can guide you through it all.  Your Divorce Coach will help YOU:

  • see the big picture and the hidden power dynamics
  • put together an interdisciplinary team of experts and advisors
  • create an easy-to-follow path through rough terrain
  • gather essential information
  • decide which divorce process is best for you
  • evaluate your day-to-day and long-term options
  • move through the process as smoothly as possible
  • avoid the mistakes divorcing people commonly make
  • use the cold hard facts about the financial and legal realities of divorce to achieve your best results
  • do the divorce math, get your finances in shape, and best spend your divorce dollars
  • hire and manage your lawyer
  • save your sanity
  • avoid sabotaging or jeopardizing your future
  • protect your children from divorce’s detrimental effects
  • avoid becoming a victim of divorce PTSD
  • achieve an emotionally and financially successful divorce
  • find your best outcomes for every facet  (parenting, financial, legal strategy, etc.) of your divorce
  • explore your prospects
  • choose the right professionals, including retaining attorneys, mediators, and other experts
  • define and refine your goals and the strategy you will use to reach them
  • organize your paperwork
  • access the documents, facts, and figures, you need
  • prevent costly mistakes
  • plan for rebuilding your life post-divorce, and
  • move forward to a healthy and happy life.

Your Divorce Coach can provide you with:

  • a safe, private, and inexpensive place to vent
  • support so that you can keep your friends, family members, children, and new significant other (and their emotional baggage) out of the mix
  • an objective, thinking brain, when your emotions get the best of you
  • tools
  • compassion
  • a vision for your life post-divorce

When looking for a divorce coach you want to make sure your coach is experienced in all aspects of the divorce process.  If you aren’t selective you could wind up hiring a divorce coach whose only experience is having been divorced. All of our Certified Divorce Coaches have undergone an extensive Divorce-Education program in addition to Basic Coach Training.  They engage in on-going peer coaching and have opportunities to consult with other professionals so that they stay up-to-date on the latest trends and laws.

Your Divorce Coach – Elinor Robin, PhD

As your Divorce Coach, I bring you my 30 (plus) years of divorce-related research and practical experience.  Here is the rest of my story:

I was born and raised in New York and have lived in Florida for over thirty years. During my career I have worked in small business and the legal system, in both the public and private sectors. As I continue to pursue my own growth and development some of my greatest accomplishments include:

  •         Earning a PhD in Psychology, with a Specialization in Conflict Management
  •         Licensure as a Mental Health Counselor and as a Marriage and Family Therapist
  •         Certification as a Counselor from the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC)
  •         Certification as a Board Certified Coach from the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE)
  •         Certification from the Florida Supreme Court as a Mediator and Primary Mediation Trainer
  •         Mediation of thousands of divorces as both a private sector and court-annexed mediator
  •         Training over 13,000 professionals in the mediation process through my educational programs, workshops, and seminars
  •         The creation, operation and sale of two successful small businesses
  •         Recognition from my peers for involvement in various professional organizations.
  •         Partnering with my husband, David, in a fulfilling marriage and our unique divorce mediation practice
  •         Raising two children (who lived through divorce) to adulthood, watching as they display integrity and passion in their lives.

 Please contact me at (352) 575-8777 to discuss how we can work together and how I can assist you.